“Bubba has a great sense of how to motivate and challenge a person to be more than they thought they could be.” – Trent Gaines

“If you need someone in your corner to keep you moving forward during a rough time or looking for direction, Bubba is your man! I highly recommend him and his coaching services!” – Justin Bailey

“I’ve known Bubba Downs for a few years and have actually had a few coaching calls with him. I’ve never come away from the call without having received valuable insight that has led me in the right direction that I needed at the time.
He won’t sugar coat anything, and he will make you mad…mad enough to be better.” – Stan Michael

“Bubba is the real deal, he doesn’t sugarcoat it or pull punches. But don’t sign up if you’re not willing to do the work!” – Ryan Cannon

“Everett Downs is as solid as they come.
A true lighthouse.” – Andy Frederick Seelig


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