Feel like you’re stuck? Like you are not making progress in the areas of your life that you want to be? Your time is wasted. Your midsection is growing. Your bank account is dwindling. You are feeling like you’re a sham. 

Here at In The Trenches Coaching, I offer one on one coaching services, both in person and online, to help you strategize a plan to overcome those issues, and get your life back on track with a four part model. 

1)  Discovery. Where we find out what you want.

2) Analysis. Where we go over the details and make sure that you are invested in the discovery. 

3) Planning. Where we devise a plan broken into clear and concise actionable steps.

4) Execution. Where I meet with you regularly and we discuss what has been done (or hasn’t been) and hold you to account for the things that you said you would do. 

I don’t work with everyone, so reach out to us at contact@ittcoaching.net and I will send you a life balance questionnaire to fill out. This will let me know if my services are right for you, and if you’re a good fit for me.

I don’t work with everyone, so let’s see if it’s a fit.  


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